Soy Isoflavones The benefits of soy are already widely known in the nutrition world, but the bean also has menopause-alleviating properties as well. Isoflavones are a natural chemical occurring in soy that is converted by your body into phytoestrogens, which behaves functionally like your naturally produced estrogen and because of this helps you relieve many menopausal symptoms. Many studies have been done measuring the efficacy of soy as a nutritional supplement in postmenopausal women, breast cancer survivors, and other women's’ health concerns.

Black Cohosh Black Cohosh is an herb that grows natively here in America, in the east of the United States. Black Cohosh was introduced to white settlers by the Native Americans that they have been using for hundreds of years as a menopausal and PMS remedy, which also gained acceptance in Europe as one of the top remedies since the 1950s. Clinical studies show that Black Cohosh improved sleep in postmenopausal women, and that some natural extracts in the plant behave like estrogen in the body. Combined with other herbs, Black Cohosh was found in many studies to significantly alleviate menopause symptoms.

Dong Quai Dong Quai is the Chinese name for the root Angelica Sinensis. It is the chief remedy for women’s reproductive problems in traditional Chinese medicine for over a 1000 years. Similar species of the plant are known to grow in Korea and Japan, but the original Chinese variety is considered to be the genuine and most potent remedy. Dong Quai has shown to help balance estrogen and has been undergoing many clinical trials for menopause relief.

Licorice Licorice by itself is an accepted remedy for several digestive issues, and is also used to fight some viral and bacterial infections of the oral tract, like bronchitis. When combined with other herbs, licorice aids the adrenal gland in regulating body temperature to relieve hot flashes and night sweats as well as bring about general hormone balance.

Vitex Berry Called “Women’s Herb,” “Chasteberry,” and Agnus-castus, the fruit of this plant has long been believed throughout history to be a remedy for many women’s reproductive health issues. The plant is believed to have major feminine hormonal benefits, and in Germany is clinically accepted as a top medical remedy for menopausal symptoms and cyclical mastalgia.

Red Clover The flower of the Red Clover, a plant that blooms in Europe, North Africa, and North Asia, is used in medicine. It is full of the isoflavones that the body converts into phytoestrogen, which aids in hormonal balance. Red Clover has a history as a menopause and PMS remedy, is accepted in modern medicine as a remedy for hot flashes, and in clinical trials alleviated hot flash symptoms.

Sage Sage is believed to be a generally beneficial plant and all parts of it that grow above ground are rendered into medicine. Clinical trials of sage extract have shown that the plant has cognitive benefits and can increase mental acuity, “waking up” the mind in a manner similar to the caffeine in coffee or tea, and has been found to fight memory loss and Alzheimers.

False Unicorn An herb with a long list of silly names including Fairy Wand, Devil’s Bit, and Blazing Star, False Unicorn, scientifically called chamaelirium, is an herb with a stem and root used to make women’s health remedies. The herb was widely used by Native Americans for feminine health and was believed to be a fertility remedy and ward against miscarriages. It is accepted now as a fighter of menstrual issues and ovarian cysts.

Squawvine Squawvine, also called Deer Berry, is known through traditional Native American medicine. The stem and leaves are used to make medicine. Squawvine was used to relieve diarrhea, anxiety, and alleviate sleep disorders. More importantly, it is also attributed to be very beneficial for feminine health, for combating menstrual disorders, and easing childbirth. It also has been found to have cancer fighting properties.

Blessed Thistle Algerians use this as a powder to treat a burns, and its efficacy is confirmed in a clinical study as a healing agent speeds up the healing process. It has feminine health benefits, and is used for relieving headaches, migraines, and improves memory. It is also recommended by the Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation as an aid for lactation, and has been found to help in hormonal balance throughout menopause.

Red Raspberry Red Raspberry, the well known and tasty fruit, is antioxidant rich and has a medical history ranging back hundreds of years. It is prized as a gastrointestinal aid for relieving certain digestive problems, and is used as a women’s health remedy, alleviating menstrual issues.

Mexican Wild Yam There are about six hundred species of wild yam, and only about a dozen of them are considered edible. However, wild yam is considered to be a wonder plant for feminine health, as it is full of diosgenin, a natural chemical that has significant feminine health benefits. Diosgenin is often used as a holistic estrogen replacement in hormone therapy, because it behaves like natural estrogen in the body. Some women use wild yam cream applied to the skin as a hot flash remedy, but this is not medically confirmed and the benefits of this plant are best ingested as an extract.

This Ingredient-Specific Formula has been proven to deliver exceptional results to over a thousand users. Its success is credited to the ingredients (many of which have been used by cultures for centuries). Only now they have been backed by scientific research. Every ingredient in Estrovive is carefully selected, and the final product is 3rd party tested in another lab prior to being packaged. All Estrovive bottles are developed and produced here in the USA following strict FDA and CGMp guidelines.

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    The night sweats and lack of sleep really got to me, sleep meds did not help, so I ordered Estrovive and within the first three weeks I could sleep better, I’m now two months in and sleep well throughout every night.
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