Your Option To Natural Menopause Relief

Estrovive is a strategically developed herbal formula, based on scientific research to help relieve, and eliminate menopausal symptoms, completely naturally.

You Can Naturally Revive Your Self And Get Back To Being You:

  • Normal Body Heat Regulation
  • Sleep Well
  • Lose Weight
  • Positive Mood
  • Feel Balanced
  • Increase Libido
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Improve Concentration
  • Increased Joint Motility
  • Boost Hormonal Balance

  • What is Menopause, and how is it affecting your life?

    Menopause occurs twelve months after your last period, and is a natural part of every woman’s life. The Hypothalamus- the part of your brain that controls your hormonal balance- becomes less effective at communicating with your ovaries, and making sure that your natural production of estrogen stays normal. Over time, this issue can escalate, and the ability of your ovaries to produce estrogen and keep you balanced can be progressively diminished.

    Menopause can cause a laundry list of symptoms that can frustrate you and cause you a great deal of pain, and some women experience these symptoms more than others, to a greater or lesser degree. If your menopausal symptoms are interfering with your quality of life, you should consult your physician and create a plan to take your physical and emotional well being back into your hands.

    These symptoms can include:

    Night Sweats - Excessive sweating while lying in bed and drenching your sheets and pajamas, unrelated to the heat and temperature of your environment.

    Hot Flashes - All women experience this symptom at some point during Menopause. Hot flashes include a sudden feeling of intense heat, sudden excessive sweating, and a flushing of color in the face. Hot flashes can continue for the rest of your life, but ideally will lessen in severity as time goes on.

    Vaginal Dryness - Your estrogen levels have a huge impact on your sexual health, and as they drop, your vagina can be deeply affected by it. Low estrogen means less of the vagina’s self-produced lubricating fluid and moisture, which can become detrimental to your sex life, libido, and general enjoyment of intimacy.

    Anxiety and Depression - Menopause can make you feel like you just aren’t you, and it’s not your fault. In addition to your physical symptoms, you can suffer emotionally as well. The hormonal imbalance in your brain can rob you of your well being, and make you feel like you’re not in control.

    All women experience hot flashes during menopause, and most women experience a variety of symptoms in different intensity. Some of these symptoms can continue for the rest of your life, but over time will diminish in intensity, while some symptoms might escalate throughout menopause and become completely intolerable. There are many treatment options for menopause, with the goal of eliminating symptoms or decreasing their intensity to a manageable level so that you can get back in control of your life.

  • Every woman is different, and symptoms can vary drastically from woman to woman.

  • Menopause symptoms can often be permanent, and some women experience them for the rest of their natural lives.

  • Symptoms can progress and become more severe, making symptoms that were once simply inconvenient completely intolerable.

  • Why so many women are choosing an herbal remedy?

    Women from ancient cultures around the world used herbal remedies to alleviate their menopause symptoms before the development of modern medicine, and many of these remedies are still practiced and are the first choice of women in far away India and China to this day. History believes that a holistic approach can work.

    Modern science is just now starting to back up these ancient remedies, putting these herbal cures under a microscope to determine what truly makes them effective and how they’ve been helping women since they were first recorded in history. Now, with modern medicine looking into these holistic cures, we can create an herbal remedy supplement backed up by scientific research that can skip all the pain and risk of hormone therapy.

    These all-natural supplements, filled with herbs backed by proven research and inspired by ancient remedy, introduce no foreign chemicals to the body, should not interfere with any existing medication, and should alleviate and even completely erase menopausal symptoms with a regular regimen.

    What herbal remedies have research backing their ability to alleviate menopause symptoms?

    Black Cohosh - Black Cohosh is a species of flower that grows in the east of North America, and has properties that aid sleep. In a study of women that complained of sleep disturbance, Black Cohosh was found to alleviate sleep disturbance symptoms of menopause.

    Dong Quai - The root of the Dong Quai has been used in Asian remedies for generations. Dong Quai has been used as a PMS remedy, and to fight menopausal symptoms. Studies have shown that Dong Quai has helped to hormonally balance estrogen in animal studies, and is most effective as a menopause relief aid when combined with other herbs.

    Red Clover - The flower of the Red Clover is used in medicine as a PMS and hot flash remedy. The Red Clover is full of isoflavones, which the human body converts into phytoestrogen, an estrogen-like hormone that can aid hormonal balance.

    Licorice - Licorice, the same licorice you often encounter as a flavor in candy, soda pop, and food, has properties that when combined with other herbs affect the adrenal gland. This mixture aids the adrenal gland in correcting hormonal imbalance, and is often administered to chronic steroid users with poor hormonal balance from steroid abuse. By itself, licorice is a remedy for many stomach complaints.

    Vitex Berry - Often called “Chasteberry” or “The Women’s Herb,” the fruit of the vitex has a history of alleviating PMS, menopause symptoms, and other feminine health uses, including flushing out the placenta after childbirth and promoting breast milk production. The Vitex Berry affects many of the hormones that govern the reproductive system in women.

    Choosing the right supplement to relieve your symptoms

    With hormone therapy as such an annoying and potentially dangerous hassle, it’s only natural that you as a woman should be skeptical of the products on the menopausal remedy market.

    Many companies try to make a working supplement, but get their ingredients and dosages wrong. Some ingredients may be crushed into a powder, and some might be concentrated into a powerful extract. A lower volume of extract is needed because it’s so potent, but a tiny volume of less powerful powder is the equivalent of only grinding one bean into your morning coffee.

    Questionable products from China and India can come from shady labs, and have ineffective or low dosages of important ingredients, or even worse, no effective ingredients at all.

    At Estrovive we spent 18 months researching the best herbs, studies done on them and actual user experience with each herb to find and develop the best and most effective combination in order to naturally, and safely, help you treat all menopause symptoms.

    Each herbal ingredient is hand selected and sourced within the USA from non-GMO local growers and is developed into the combined formula within an FDA certified lab right here in USA.

    96% of women who purchase Estrovive comeback and re-purchase 3-6 months supply within 30-45 days of the initial purchase, this a side from the research, clinical and published studies tells us this is a great product with 98% success rate in relieving menopause symptoms.

    We stand behind our product and we are so sure that you will be satisfied with its ability to relieve your symptoms that we offer a 90 day, complete 100% money back guarantee. If you do not experience the following improvements we will issue you a full 100% refund within 90 days, no questions asked:

  • Lessening of Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Libido
  • Feel Happier
  • Feel Balanced
  • More energy

  • This is how sure we are that Estrovive will help relieve your menopause symptomps.

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      Susanne - Cambridge, MA.

      I’ve been using Estrovive for one month and a half and feel my mood is stable and I haven’t had hot flashes for over a week.
      *Results may vary

      Elizabeth - Miami, FL.

      The night sweats and lack of sleep really got to me, sleep meds did not help, so I ordered Estrovive and within the first three weeks I could sleep better, I’m now two months in and sleep well throughout every night.
      *Results may vary

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